Blog#5 Rehabilitation

Gepubliceerd op 25 maart 2021 om 15:09

As soon as I was diagnosed I was registered at the Basalt rehabilitation center, where I could learn to deal with MS in different areas.

Here I was given tools to indicate my limits to the outside world, but also to listen to my body.

I received the following treatments;

- Social worker
I could go here if I had a problem or needed advice.
- Psychomotor therapy
Here I learned to set my limits through role plays. Situations were reenacted and afterwards I received advice on how to deal with this in future. During this therapy, I and the therapist also looked for sports that I could possibly do.
- Physiotherapy
Here we mainly trained my legs to maintain walking.
- Occupational therapy
Here they looked at which aids I need, for example the balance bike so that walking is less difficult for me and my walking distance could be slightly longer. We also looked at my day structure here to distribute my energy.
- Psychologist
It was found that I had a depression, through conversations and small assignments the depression cleared up. I am still sensitive to mood swings.


A Neuro Psychological Examination also took place here, so that it could be seen what was not working properly in my brain due to the MS. As read in my Blog # 4 Fatigue.

When the rehabilitation process was completed, I started to follow physiotherapy with other MS fellow sufferers. This group is so nice that I always enjoy going here once a week (if my body let me).

The social worker has arranged for an Ambulatory Counselor to work with me to look at daytime activities, possibly at an activity center with other people with non-congenital brain injuries. She will also help me with the daily structure, prepare discussions with authorities or support me with this and a listening ear.


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