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Gepubliceerd op 25 maart 2021 om 15:03

Many people experience that they feel better after taking Ocrevus (medication). Unfortunately, I feel worse or still extremely tired. When I feel tired, walking becomes worse, I buckle my knee and walk with difficulty. I also often feel tired in my head.

When this first happened that I started walking weird, I told my husband that I was ashamed and looked like a drunkard. My husband would walk next to me the same "Then we are together different!" he would say to me. So unbelievably sweet!


Unfortunately for me the fatigue is not only physical but also often in my head, it is as if the fatigue rages through my body. I get a kind of panic feeling, which feels very scary. My body feels like it wants to switch off, at such a moment all I can do is; retreat and sleep.


During my rehabilitation process at Basalt there was also a "Neuro Psychological Examination" (abbreviation NPO). It turned out that I have "Non-Congenital Brain Injury (NAH)" which is reflected in a slow information processing at the disorder level. When a lot of information comes in my brain can no longer follow it, so I cannot respond. As a result, I am quickly tired and busyness gives me too many stimuli. Learning something new has become a bigger challenge for me, while I used to be able to learn very easily.


In my next blog I will tell you more about the rehabilitation process.

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