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After my second relapse, it was decided to switch to new medication. I used Tecfidera for about a year, but this did not help enough I had gained two points in my brain in one year. These dots can be seen on the MRI scan, indicating that MS activity has occurred. These dots can also be seen in the spinal cord.

In the end it was decided to get Ocrevus as a medication. This drug is given by infusion twice a year (every six months). This drug is a very strong drug and falls under second-line medication. This drug weakens the immune system so that there will be fewer MS relapses, in other words no more relapses should come through.


Two days before the infusion, blood will be taken to see if you can have the infusion. If there is an infection, the infusion must not be given, then you must wait until it has recovered. I don't mind when they taking my blood, just hard to find my veins. As she told me in the hospital, my veins are very thin and my veins are deep. Sometimes they finally find a vein and the needle goes in, but then the vein collapses and has to be redone. At the moment I feel like a pins pillow. Often when no good vein is found they try to do it in my hand, sometimes even near my knuckles, this hurts very much.


Furthermore, I am often very tired after Ocrevus, this lasts for a long period of time, sometimes months.
What is an advantage of Ocrevus you do not have to take tablets, this is beneficial when you are forgetful. You are not always on medication. The infusion takes a long time, actually a working day, sometimes as long as 5 hours on an infusion.

After a year MS relapses came through again unfortunately ... 

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