Blog#2 My second MS relapse

Gepubliceerd op 25 februari 2021 om 12:41

My second relapse was a year later because my right half was delayed, they call this a relapse with regard to coordination. This means that it comes from the brain.

This happened suddenly I fell over and could not walk without falling over. It soon became clear that it was again about a relapse (a relapse is an MS attack). In the hospital after all the tests I was admitted to the hospital again, here I received prednisone by infusion. The prednisone helps stimulate the recovery of inflammation or relapse. It is always explained that the recovery has the same outcome as without prednisone, only this is slightly faster with prednisone.


After about a week I was able to walk better and slowly it got better and better. After a prednisone cure I always feel very sick, I am also swollen, for example a fat face.


During this period I got a walker at my disposal, when my legs suffer again, I take the walker. The first time I had to walk with a walker, this felt very uncomfortable. A young woman with a walker .. isn't that for old people? No, even young people sometimes have to use a walker to avoid falling over. Fortunately, this allowed me to go to the toilet independently, for example. Unfortunately when I have received a prednisone cure I also have bladder problems, making it to the toilet is very difficult. Fortunately, after a few days it gets better.

Fortunately I was able to walk again….

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