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Three years ago I walked around for one year with inexplicable fatigue, nervous pains and forgetfulness. My future dream fell apart, I was no longer able to study. I had already quit my job before studying, but unfortunately I fell ill.

Everything fell away, I no longer saw my colleagues and the part of social life became less and less. I had no more energy for anything, every day I was so extremely tired and exhausted. At first they thought it was due to a lack of vitamin B12 and vitamin D, but after I got injections and mega doses for these vitamins, we soon noticed that there was no improvement.


Inexplicably, nothing came from the various studies the internist did at the time. I was soon diagnosed; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This chronic disease is often given when no other cause can be found. I remember very well walking outside and suddenly my legs could no longer move, like a statue I was nailed to the ground. My husband was luckily there, but I shed a lot of tears. After about 10 minutes I could move my legs again.


For a year I lived as carefully as possible, little activities, much sleep, but still I remained so exhausted. It was a hopeless situation I was in and soon I ended up in a depression. Together with the psychologist we looked at possibilities to take the depression away, but she too could not succeed, my depression was caused by my illness and there was no cure for it.


At the end of the year, my left eye suddenly hurt, my eyeball hurt when it moved. Light also hurt my eye. The doctor first thought of a bacterium in my eye and gave me an eye ointment, this actually did nothing. My vision became increasingly blurred and after three days so bad that I actually saw one spot. I quickly went back to the doctor and he soon sent me to the ophthalmologist in the hospital. I went to the ophthalmologist without suspicion and it soon became apparent that I had become 95% blind in this eye. I couldn't see huge letters anymore! He indicated that my optic nerve was inflamed and that this is common in MS patients.

Everything went through my mind "MS? That is a serious disease, isn't it ?! How long will I be alive? !!!" I was quickly referred to the neurologist and tests were carried out. The same day I was admitted and put on a prednisone drip. A lumbar puncture was done (this is a needle in the back, where cerebrospinal fluid is drawn out). After this (on Friday) I went through the MRI scan, after the weekend I got the results. I had already prepared for it and researched what MS is now? What I was so afraid of came true, I have MS.


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